Don’t make these handicap betting mistakes…

Handicap and Asian handicap betting are all the rage nowadays. I can find huge handicap and Asian handicap coverage with most good online bookmakers and it is a great way to get some interesting odds from matches where one team is a runaway favourite to win.

However, there are a few pitfalls which newcomers and veteran bettors alike can fall into when it comes to handicap and Asian handicap bets. I would know because I have made some of the same mistakes in my own handicap betting efforts. But, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ve listed everything that you should look out for when making your handicap bets. That way, you won’t even make the same mistakes once!

1. Unrealistic handicaps

We’ve all been there with the standard win-draw-win markets – enticed by a bet with odds that are so staggering that you just have to take a punt on it. Well the same thing can happen with handicap and Asian handicap markets just as easily.

You find a fixture between two teams so unmatched that the favourites may as well be forced to play with their legs tied together just to give the other team a chance, so you think: “let’s put a +5 goal handicap on the underdogs.”

As tempting as it might seem, this kind of handicap is the equivalent of stealing candy from a baby. The bookmaker being the big bad thief and you being the baby. Keep your head and don’t do anything crazy with your handicap bets!

2. Increasing the handicap for better odds

Sometimes it can be tempting to increase the handicap up just a notch to get those better odds, like taking a -2 goal deficit instead of a -1. But remember, higher odds are higher odds for a reason and put simply: there will be a smaller possibility of winning.

If you want to get higher odds then look for another bet where you can really be sure that the team you are backing will get over the line with the amount of goals that they score.

If you fail to find anything else then keep the handicap low and combine it as a multiple bet. You can place handicaps and Asian handicaps as part of doubles, accumulators and Lucky 15s with most good online betting sites.

3. Lack of research

Not doing your homework is a fatal error in the world of betting and this applies especially to handicap and Asian handicap betting.

Because the games that you bet on in the handicap markets have to be ones in which a team will win or lose by a large margin, you really have to focus your research to this factor. It’s no good to just see that a team has won their last three games and think that they are a shoe-in for a handicap bet because they could have simply scraped those victories by one goal each.

When doing my research, I ask myself questions such as: How many goals do the team tend to win by? Is their leading goalscorer expected to play? How many goals do the team tend to concede? How many goals does the opposition tend to score and concede?

4. Betting for the sake of betting

Sometimes you just want to place your bets and be done with it. maybe you are in a rush before kick off or you can’t be bothered to do the research. Well, if this is the case… don’t make the bet!

Unless you are confident that your bets are well backed up with your own research and the backing of tipsters on twitter then don’t press the “Place Bet” button. If you can’t find a good handicap that you can be 99% sure will make you a decent profit then it isn’t worth it – at the end of the day, no-one is forcing you to do it!

It’s better to wait for the right handicap or Asian handicap with good value than just throw your money away with a half-arsed bet.

5. Not knowing what the result requires

Make sure you understand what the result of your handicap and Asian handicap bet requires. It’s an obvious thing to point out but it is easy to go into a handicap bet with your numbers mixed up.

So, before making every handicap bet just take that extra 30 seconds to work out what each handicap result will require for you to win. All it takes it takes is a pen, paper and some mental arithmetic and you will know exactly how many goals each team will need to win by for you to win.

Because Asian handicaps are a little bit more complex, this is a must. Make sure that you know what will happen for each type of Asian handicap. For instance, when you make an Asian handicap bet with a whole number value such as 0, -1.0 or -2.0, then you could result in a push. This means that if the team wins by the same number of goals as the handicap, effectively taking the game to a draw then you will get your stake back.

Also, fractional values in Asian handicaps such as -1.25 and -1.5 mean different things too. For the quarter fractions (-1.25, -1.75) your stake is split and you can either win the bet, lose half of your stake or lose all of your stake depending on the outcome of the match. For half fractions, there is no possible insurance from a draw – you either win or lose all of your stake.

6. Assuming that handicap and Asian handicap bets are the same

It’s easy to do – you are scrolling down a long page of betting options looking for the handicap bets, you see the familiar positive and negative numbers and go straight to click them without noticing that they are actually Asian handicap odds.

In fact, some bettors fail to notice the difference between handicap and Asian handicap bets altogether. So let me quickly explain the main differences…

In brief, normal handicap bets give you three possible match outcomes – home win, draw and away win – each of which will be affected by a negative or positive whole number handicap.

Asian handicap bets eliminate the draw possibility by offering two match outcomes. You will also find fractional handicaps. When a draw does occur in an Asian handicap, you will get your money back.

To put it into terms of odds, Asian handicap odds tend be shorter than normal handicap odds because of the money-back insurance. For example, an Asian handicap of -1.0 will give a smaller payout than a normal handicap of -1 for the same team, simply because the former will give you your stake back if the result after the handicap is a draw.

So, there you have it – what not to do when you make your handicap and Asian handicap bets. Happy betting!

7 awesome handicap and Asian handicap betting tips

Handicaps and Asian handicaps are getting more and more popular nowadays. Using this type of bet, you can take virtually any football match (or rugby, tennis, darts and horse racing fixture) and make it interesting by taking away goals from the favourites or giving goals to the underdog.

It’s certainly one of my favourite ways of betting and here are some of my must-know tips to help you improve your chances when it comes to handicap and Asian handicap bets.

1. Use Bet365

bet365-logoBefore you delve into the world of handicap and Asian handicap betting, you need to find a good online bookmaker – one that is going to give you good variety and good odds. Bet365 gives you this and so much more. Not only will you find great odds for ordinary handicap and Asian handicap bets, but you will find a huge variety of alternatives – giving you the power to choose from both long and short odds.

Open an account with bet365 today (T’s and C’s Apply, 18+)

2. Back the heavy favourites

If there is one rule of thumb that I have to swear by, it would be this one. The best way to make a good profit from your handicap and Asian handicap bets is to always choose the favourites with a handicap which gives them a goal deficit. This way always gives you the most favourable odds.

Forget trying to be a have-a-go-hero by always backing the underdog; handicap and Asian handicap betting is all about getting behind the big favourites.

3. Stay away from low scoring teams

As the next three tips will hopefully make crystal clear, handicap and Asian handicap bets are all about finding the teams which score lots of goals whilst conceding barely any. So, even though I might think a top team is worth a punt with a handicap because they keep winning, I make sure that they are scoring lots of goals as well as winning. There is no point in putting a -2.0 handicap on a team that has won the last ten games with a scoreline of 1-0.

4. Stay away from leaky defences

By the same token, stay well clear of teams with leaky defences. I might find a team to be scoring for fun week in and week out, but are they solid at the back? Remember that this is not the goals scored market – handicaps and Asian handicaps are as much about finding the teams that are not conceding goals as they are about those that are scoring goals. Like above, there is no point putting a -2.0 handicap on a team that has won the last 10 games with a scoreline of 4-3.

5. Keep a running record of which teams are winning by big margins

So, if handicap and Asian handicap betting is all about finding the teams with big winning margins, how should you go about finding this out? Well, it’s not hard at all really. I can access full results tables from the previous seasons in most UK leagues on Wikipedia, where I can simply make a tally of how many teams won by a winning margin of +1 goals, +2 goals, etc. Alternatively, I sometimes jot down all the teams that have won their matches by a decent margin whilst watching the scores come in on Final Score.

I personally like keeping a running record of which teams are winning by big margins – it is a great way to spot which teams are scoring lots and which teams are conceding lots.

6. Use Asian handicaps’ insurance to your advantage

If you’ve read my articles explaining the ins and outs of Asian handicap betting then you will know that many Asian handicap bets offer some sort of payback insurance if the handicapped result is a tie. Use this to your advantage! Yeah, it may not give you the longest odds, but it gives me that added sense of security – especially for matches where I think it could be a cagey, close fought affair. I would rather have that added safety net when I’m not 100% confident than take the leap of faith with a handicap bet at longer odds.

7. Use

This site is a godsend for us punters. Forget opening hundreds of tabs on your internet browser to trawl through page after page of fixture lists in the search for some good handicap and Asian handicap odds. I simply go to, where they compile all of the available odds from all of the big bookmakers in one neatly packaged table for me to compare. What’s even better is that they show me which odds are best value. I can also add bets to my “Bet Basket” to see how much money each bookmaker will pay out for a stake of £1, £2, £5 or £10.

There you have it, my 7 great tips on how you can improve your handicap and Asian handicap betting fortunes. Good luck!

How to become more profitable with Asian handicap betting

In this guide, I will give you the low-down on what you need to know and do to make your own Asian handicap bets more profitable.

But before we get going I must tell you one thing – this is not a scientific formula that gets results every time. As any seasoned bettor will tell you, winning every bet that you place is going to be an impossible task. But, what you can do is limit the mistakes that you make and in turn, see the number of winners that you have increase.

Also, just wanted to highlight that this is a personal view on the bet365 brand and solely my opinions and experiences.

Choose the best bookmaker

The easiest part to be more profitable with your Asian Handicap bets is to choose the right bookmaker. Whilst there are dozens if not hundreds to choose from, the number that offer extensive Asian Handicap markets at a competitive price point are actually few and far between. But, there is one bookmaker that stands head and shoulders above the rest…

#1 Bet365 – Open an account with bet365 today (T’s and C’s Apply, 18+)

Bet365 are easily my number one choice of bookmaker for Asian Handicap bets. The main reason is simply the coverage that they provide for the market, which is absolutely superb. Whilst there are plenty of bookmaker who offer a number of AH markets, NONE even get close to bet365.

The second reason is that their pricing is pretty much as good as you are going to find. I always run my bets through before placing to ensure that I’m getting the best price and time after time, bet365 are right at the top. For me, they couldn’t be more convenient.

Alternatively, if you want to find out more about bet365 and why I rate them so highly, then you can do by simply checking out my bet365 review.

How to become more profitable at Asian handicap betting at a glance

  • Take on the favourites
  • Learn what it all means
  • Take advantage of new sports
  • Do you research

Use the AH to back heavy favourites


We all know that backing a heavy favourite in any match isn’t going to be making anyone rich quickly.  When teams are priced at odds of 1.50 or even shorter most people would just walk on by to find something a little more enticing. But, this is the exact reason why Asian Handicap bets exist; to be able to back these short priced favourites with a certain goal deficit. The deficit in return evens the pricing out, making these bets a lot more appealing.

In fact, taking on the favourites is the bread and butter of Asian handicap betting and it gives me that reassurance that my profit is going to come from a result which is likely to go my way. Take a match between two greatly uneven teams; let’s say Arsenal play Hartlepool United in the FA Cup. I can confidently expect the Premier League team (Arsenal) to thrash the League One team (Hartlepool) by a good few goals, especially given that they have been scoring highly in their last few games and Hartlepool have conceded two or more in their last three.

I would look to wager on an Arsenal win with a -2.0 Asian handicap against the League 2 team. That means Arsenal must win by three goals or more for me to win the bet and if they only win by two to effectively level the score, then I will still get my stake back.

Whilst a Premier League team versus a League 2 team won’t happen every weekend, you will be surprised (or not) to see just how many similarly priced games like this there are in all of the major European leagues making them a hot bed for Asian Handicap punters.

Learn what it all means

I know, I know – this may seem a bit obvious. But you would be surprised at how many punters out there don’t really understand the bets that they place and this is certainly the case with Asian handicaps.

I’ll admit it, I couldn’t get my head around the Asian handicap system at first but after spending a bit of time reading a few articles I felt clued up and confident enough to start betting for a profit. Luckily, you can find out all you need to know about the ins and outs of Asian handicap betting with these articles that I wrote.

Asian Handicap Betting Explained

7 Awesome Asian Handicap Betting markets

Take advantage of new sports

Asian handicaps are often always associated with football betting because they were initially used specifically for the sport which tends to give low scoring matches that often end in draws. In effect, Asian handicaps were created to try and provide more interesting betting possibilities. I for one can vouch that betting in the win-draw-win market week in and week out can be a bit boring!

With the growing popularity of Asian handicaps in general, other sports are beginning to take on the betting format. When I go to any good online betting site, I am starting to find that a lot of sports such as rugby league, rugby union and tennis have Asian handicap options where there are two outcomes with half number handicap values. I have even seen Asian handicaps in the darts!

You can use your own knowledge of different sports to use these new Asian handicap possibilities to your advantage. Take rugby union and rugby league for example – if you are a fan and know which teams are going to score a lot of tries against the smaller teams then what are you waiting for? Get an Asian handicap bet on them to overcome a points deficit!

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that look to use your knowledge base of different sports to implement an Asian Handicap betting strategy and don’t just limit yourself to football.

Do your research

Making a profit from Asian handicap betting is all about doing the research. Now, I know you may not have the time to sit sorting through page after page of form graphs and head-to-head statistics so I’m going to give you a few hints on how you can do the necessary research quickly and effectively.

When I make my Asian handicap bets, I first start by having a look at the fixture lists of all the weekend’s football throughout the UK football leagues. You can do this in foreign leagues or in other sports if you feel confident that you know enough about them. From this I make a short list of the fixtures where I think there could be a convincing win for the favourites.

After compiling my short-list, I look to see what other people are going for on social media sites such as twitter or on betting blogs. Often, these full-time tipsters do a lot of research into their bets and they can give some really good advice on which teams to back. If anything, seeing what other people are taking a punt on can reassure your own choices.

Once I’ve done this, I get serious with my short-list. Maybe whilst watching Soccer Saturday with a cup of coffee, I sit down with my laptop and take a bit of time to back up my own instinct and intuition by checking the form of the teams I have backed. I do this by looking at and where I can find overviews and in depth statistics. I don’t go into the nitty gritty of the stats, I just see whether the teams I am thinking of backing have been scoring highly lately whilst checking that they have a strong defensive record.

When I am sure that the teams I want to back are likely to score a lot and be strong at the back then I do the same for the opposing team but in reverse – I want to make sure that the opposition won’t score a lot of goals or be hard to breakdown in defence.

It really doesn’t take that long to do this research and it gives me that added reassurance that the games I want to place an Asian handicap on are going to be one sided affairs. What’s more, seeing the current form of the teams I am backing can give me more insight into how big an Asian handicap I can stretch to.

Whilst all the information above is very true, there can be a lot more work involved if you choose to do so. Check out the strategy section where you can find a ton of other articles expelling how I make my selections.

The final word

Being more profitable with your Asian handicap bets simply requires a little bit of time and effort to really get your head around the numbers and analyse the statistics. That way I can find out where the big winning margins are.

It’s really not as difficult as it looks and you could be seeing an improvement in your own Asian handicap fortunes just by following the advice above.

Good luck!

How To Win a Handicap Bet – The Complete Guide

Handicap betting is becoming more and more popular with bettors of all experience levels. With online bookmakers making the effort to offer bigger and better handicap markets across a variety of different sports, isn’t it about time you took advantage of the potential profits of handicap betting?

At first glance, handicap betting might be a bit off-putting, especially to the unseasoned punter. But in actual fact, it is really simple to start winning money from handicap betting and I’m going to give you the low-down on how you can do just this.

But before I get ahead of myself, let me take a second to point out the obvious: this isn’t a concrete formula which will work for you every time. In other words, you will lose some handicap bets and you will win others. Hopefully, the tips in this guide will set you on the path to winning more handicap bets than you lose, which will in turn give you more profit.

Best value bookmakers

The first thing that I do before placing any kind of bet is to find the bookmakers which offer the best value. You could spend all day looking into this only to find that some bookmakers give better value in certain markets than others, so here are two bookmakers straight off the bat to look out for:

  • Coral – These guys offer loads of different handicap bets for football matches with great odds and when you sign up you can get £20 in free bets.

Click here to get a £20 free bet when you place your first bet of just £5!

How to win a handicap bet at a glance

  • Choose heavy favourites
  • Research the tipsters
  • Check form and history
  • Find the margin
  • Find the best price

Choose heavy favourites

When it comes to choosing which team to back in a handicap bets, it is always best to go with the heavy favourites to win. Using this rule of thumb is a sure-fire way to ensure that your handicap bets come back with a profit more often than not.

Think of it this way; when you bet on a handicapped match, you are essentially making short or long odds more favourable.

Imagine a Premier League fixture in which Manchester City play host to a struggling Sunderland. What’s more, City have scored 3 goals in their previous two games while Sunderland have conceded 3 or more in their last two matches. Now, a standard match result bet would not be very enticing to the neutral bettor simply because the odds will be too short for a Manchester City win and too long for a Sunderland win.

So, this is where the handicap comes in. For each goal that you take away from Manchester City’s final goal tally, you will be improving the odds of a City win considerably and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to expect them to score 3 goals or more.

It is safe to say that you could take a punt on a Manchester City win with a handicap of -1 goal against a struggling team with a bad defence. You will get better odds which have a good chance of winning and all you need is for City to win the match by 2 goals or more.

The fact is, handicap odds are always better when backing the heavy favourite. It is a rule of thumb that I stick by and I would advise anyone else interested in handicap betting to do likewise.

Research the tipsters

The number of ‘tipsters’ online these days is growing by the day. This is mainly a direct result of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily take any ‘Average Joe’s’ betting advice, you can always compare who they are backing to any initial premonitions that you already had. After all, they want to increase followers and to do this, they need to consistently produce winning tips.

For most casual – and serious bettors too, come to think of it – the main reason that they fall short of success is that they do not put enough time into researching their bets. There are understandable reasons for this: who really has the time to sit around analysing endless form charts and statistics all day? So why not let the tipsters do most of the legwork for you?

They won’t always be right and they might not even tell you anything that you didn’t already know, but tipsters can give you that added reassurance that your handicap bets are on the right track to a good profit.

Because handicap bets have only become popular in the past few years, there aren’t too many tipsters out there who focus solely on handicap bets. That said, it is still worth following the likes of @thatsagoal and @TwoPoundPunt to get an in depth forecast of upcoming games and find out which teams are scoring and which teams are conceding throughout the football leagues.

Check form and history

When thinking about placing a handicap bet, I always take the time beforehand to really research the form and history of the teams and fixtures at hand. Whether it’s during my lunch breaks throughout the week or while watching Soccer Saturday, I look into the current form of the teams that I am backing and also check out what happened the last time the two teams met.

I can find information about the previous meetings between two teams on the BBC Sport match previews, and if I go to a team’s page then I can see their current form in their previous run of five or so games up to the present. I also check out for an overview and match prediction.

For really in-depth stats and information, I look to Here I can find loads of info in the run up to each match including the players who are expected to be in the starting eleven. For handicap bets it is essential to know whether a team is going to bang in the goals whilst keeping a solid defence of their own goal. So, I make sure that I find the teams with an in-form strike-force as well as a good defensive record.

Remember – and this is a big point – that form and head-to-heads are just measures to reassure your own betting instinct and you shouldn’t treat the stats as a concrete science. If football was played on paper then we would all be rolling in the winnings but sadly there will be factors that change the expected outcome of matches.  You have to use a bit of your own football knowledge and common sense while analysing the information to ask yourself some questions…

Does the favoured team still have the same strike force, midfield suppliers and solid defence as last season? Did they last meet on the final day of the season when the losing team had nothing to play for?

For example, Stoke beat Liverpool 6-1 at the end of the 2014/15 season only for Liverpool to win 0-1 in the same fixture at the start of the next season. In this case I can assume that the final day thrashing was a once in a blue moon occurrence. There will, however, be other head-to-heads which could just happen again if the teams are more or less unchanged and they are still fighting for a place in the table.

There are loads of statistics and analysis available at your fingertips – so make sure you use the information to guide and reassure your handicap bets. You might even come across some handicap bets that you would never think of placing.

Find the margin

Handicap betting is all about the winning (or losing) margin. That means how many goals that teams tend to win or lose their games by.

In theory, the best teams to back in a handicap will be those you attack well without compromising in defence. And when you think about it, there aren’t too may teams in the Premier League or other English Leagues who you could confidently say will win the majority of their games by a decent margin. So how do I figure out who to back in a handicap bet?

This is where I have to do a bit more research. It’s not enough to simply look at the goal difference on the league standings, because this doesn’t really reflect how convincingly a team tends to win their games. Instead look to individual results such as those found in result tables – these can be found on the wikipedia page for each Premier League season.

Here is a table I knocked up quickly which shows the number of games that each Premier League team won in the 2014/15 season by two or more goals:

Pos. Team Games won by 2+ goals Pos. Games won by 2+ goals
1 Chelsea 15 11 Everton 6
2 Manchester City 17 12 West Ham United 7
3 Arsenal 12 13 West Bromwich Albion 4
4 Manchester United 11 14 Leicester City 5
5 Tottenham Hotspur 5 15 Newcastle United 3
6 Liverpool 8 16 Sunderland 4
7 Southampton 10 17 Aston Villa 1
8 Swansea 5 18 Hull City 5
9 Stoke City 5 19 Burnley 0
10 Crystal Palace 6 20 Queens Park Rangers 4

So just from a little bit of a deeper look into the run of results I can see that the league position or the goal difference doesn’t indicate whether a team will win by a large margin or not. Some notable things I can see from this analysis is that Hull City who finished in 18th were equal with 5th place Tottenham. Also, Southampton were up there with 10 even though they finished 7th in the league. They also had some huge margins such as 6-1, 4-0, and 8-0 so I know that they wouldn’t be a bad shout for a handicap bet on last seasons results.

Find the best price

Finding a good handicap bet with a team that is likely to win by a big margin is only half the battle. With so many different online bookmakers competing against each other nowadays, you can find some great odds and deals if you take a minute or two to look around.

Once you have selected your handicap bets, go to This is an invaluable site which makes it really easy for us punters to shop around all of the different online bookies before we place a bet.

Using is great for multiple bets but it will also give you the best odds for a whole variety of different handicap bets. In fact, it is worth using this site as a search tool when browsing what handicap bets are available instead of going to each website individually.

The final word

There you go! Handicap betting is no where near as complicated a lot of punters make it out to be. All you need is a solid knowledge of the sport and league that you are betting on and put in a bit of effort to crunch the statistics in the right places.

All it really boils down to is finding where the winning margins are so you can back the heavy favourites with a handicap deficit to enhance their odds.

Putting in that extra effort to reassure your own knowledge and gut instinct really isn’t too difficult and you will soon find that it’s quite enjoyable to spend the time working out your handicap bets. Oh, and the extra winnings won’t hurt either!

In this guide I used football as an example sport but the same fundamental principles apply to all the sports which offer handicap odds. As long as you are familiar with the sport and the league or competition then feel free to give it a go!

Handicap and Asian Handicap Betting Odds Explained

Getting to grips with the Handicap markets can be difficult at first, but once you are familiar with the structure and layout of the markets it will become second nature.

Here I will look at the difference between the Asian and European Handicaps and the betting odds involved with these bets.

Asian Handicap

The betting odds on the fixed Asian Handicap lines will always be around the 1.90 to 2.10. This is due to the fact that Asian Handicap is there to balance up the sporting event, so the odds are illustrating it as around a 50/50 opportunity.

However, the alternative lines are there for punters who prefer to have one team with an additional handicap so the odds on offer will decrease if the handicap is your favour. Below is an example of Asian Handicap market will the alternative lines and how the odds would be reflected.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 16.45.24

As you can see from the highlighted orange highlighted line that the Asian Handicap is giving Liverpool a +0.75 goals start to even up the contest. As expected, the odds are around evens.

However, the Alternative Asian Handicap markets (I am using Bet365 as an example) will have a whole range of different handicap lines that are priced up accordingly.

Punters who are backing Liverpool might want more of a cushion than +0.75 goals so you can always back them with a +1.50 head start at odds of 1.400.

Asian Handicap Ties Explained

Backing a team playing off 0 on the Asian Handicap is effectively the same as “Draw No Bet”. So, by looking at the chart above for the Arsenal v Liverpool game, you can see that Arsenal can be backed at 1.300 on 0, meanwhile Liverpool are available at odds of 3.350 on 0.

Therefore, if the match ends up a draw then your stake is refunded.

Backing a team on -0.25 also has an element of the draw 0 (0, -0.50 equates to -0.25). So, in this instance backing Arsenal -0.25 at 1.475 would mean HALF of your stake is refunded if it’s a draw.

In summary, the Asian Handicap line will always be at level that makes the contest even. But most bookmakers will offer an alternative line with odds adjusted accordingly. I would always strongly advise using the Asian Handicap markets when possible – as you are eliminating the draw from the equation and the bookmakers don’t have such a big margin on these markets.

European Handicap

The European Handicap markets just deal in whole numbers and not fractions like the Asian Handicap. This means that the draw is still a possibility.

However, there is a similarity in terms of the alternative handicap lines offered. You can pick and choose what handicap you want for your selection and the odds will be reflected accordingly. See the European Handicap table below of the match between Arsenal and Liverpool for more information on how the odds fluctuate based on the handicap.

European Handicap Ties Explained

If the match finishes 2-1 to Arsenal but you backed Liverpool with a +1 handicap advantage then the end result is a 2-2 draw. Meaning, you would have needed to have backed the Draw +1 at odds of 3.75 to collect a winning bet. Any other bet would be deemed as a loss.

The initial principle is much simpler than the Asian Handicap but the outcome will need to calculated correctly at full time to ensure the result of the bet is either Arsenal Win, Liverpool Win or a Draw.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 16.45.35