Paddy Power Handicap Betting Review

pr_sourceIf you’re in the market for a decent online bookmaker that offers a wide range of handicap and Asian handicap bets, then Paddy Power might just be the one for you.

As one of the most recognisable names in the world of online betting thanks to their memorable advertising campaigns, it is no surprise that Paddy Power can boast a spread of handicap betting options which is up there with the best of them. The Irish bookmaker do however have a limited selection of Asian handicaps, which does let down their otherwise impressive handicap betting service.

Sports coverage

In terms of the sports which include handicap options, Paddy Power punches with the rest of the heavyweight online bookmakers. In fact, they actually surpass some competitors when it comes to the sheer variety of handicap betting options within each sport.

Let’s start with a look at the popular handicap friendly sports: football, tennis, rugby league and rugby union. Within each of these sports you will find handicap betting options as expected, and then some. For example, in tennis matches not only can you bet on numerous alternative game handicaps – which take the total tally of games won by a player in the match – but also per set game handicaps – that’s the amount of games won by a player in a single set. In football, rugby league and rugby union you have a wide range of options to bet different types of handicap within the time-frame of the whole match or just a single half. Here are all the different types of handicaps and Asian handicaps you can expect to see on Paddy Power:

  • Football – 3-way 90 mins handicap, alternative 3-way 90 mins handicaps, 3-way first half handicap, Corner handicap, Asian handicaps, half-time Asian handicaps and second half Asian handicaps.
  • Tennis – game handicap, alternative game handicaps, set handicap, per set game handicaps and in set 3-way game handicap
  • Rugby union – 3-way 80 mins handicap, alternative 3-way handicaps, 2-way 80 mins handicap, 3-way half time handicap, 2-way half time handicap, first half handicap and alternative half time handicaps.
  • Rugby league – 3-way 80 mins handicap, 3-way first half handicap, 3-way second half handicap, 2-way 80 mins handicap, 2-way second half handicap and alternative 2-way handicaps.

If all that doesn’t satisfy your handicap betting appetite, then you will be sure to find something a little different in the less popular sports listed on Paddy Power. Consider American sports such as American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey; you can expect to find handicap options for all of these sports, sometimes under the name of “Lines”. It’s a different name, but you will see the same positive and negative numbers which indicate the handicap advantage or disadvantage.

Market depth

Paddy Power impress greatly in the depth of their handicap markets for the more popular sports. You can expect to find many alternative handicap betting options for the likes of football, tennis, rugby union and rugby league, meaning that you will be able to bet on more dramatic handicap scenarios, which in turn come with longer or shorter odds.

One aspect of Paddy Power’s handicap betting options which lets the bookmaker down is the lack of truly extensive Asian handicap options on football. Unlike other bookmakers who offer huge lists of Asian handicaps for football fixtures right through the lower and foreign leagues, Paddy Power tend to reserve their Asian handicaps for certain high-profile matches. Even then, they tend not to offer a full spread of Asian handicap options but rather a selected few, often keeping the odds as close to evens as possible. It should also be noted that Paddy Power often introduce their Asian handicap odds closer to match day, meaning that you might have to keep checking to see when the odds are available.


It must be said that the coverage of handicap bets offered by Paddy Power is easily up there at the top of the pile. Where other bookmakers often settle for offering simple 3-way match result handicaps and nothing more, Paddy Power really go the extra mile to cover every possible handicap option in the majority of popular sports.

Who would have thought that you could put a handicap on the amount of Corners in a football match? Well Paddy Power did, and punters could well be making a winning from such a stroke of odd genius.


Again, the big let down for Paddy Power is their negligence of the Asian handicap markets in football. Whilst they do offer some Asian handicaps – which is more than can be said for other big bookmakers – their coverage is spread quite thin and it is often slow to be updated.


Paddy Power offer a more than decent service when it comes to handicap betting, with an extensive coverage of sports and some weird and wacky markets to keep your online betting experience as enjoyable as possible. However, the lack of a truly comprehensive Asian handicap service could cause them to fall behind their competitors who have catered well for this ever growing betting market.

Betfred Handicap Betting Review

BetFredLogoFor a high profile online betting site, Betfred offer a surprisingly limited service when it comes to handicap and Asian handicap betting. That said, if you’re after a simple and quick handicap bet, then you can’t go wrong with Betfred given their status in the world of sports betting.

Sports coverage

Betfred offer a somewhat small coverage of sports with handicap betting options compared with the other big name online bookmakers. However, you will be sure to find something of interest if you are in the market for a simple handicap bet on a popular sport such as football, tennis, rugby league and rugby union.

Within each of these sports’ markets you won’t just find the ordinary handicap bets but you will also will find some intriguing variations. Here’s a breakdown of what kind of handicap and Asian handicap bets you can expect to find:

  • Football – 3-way handicap betting, half-time 3-way handicap betting and limited Asian handicap betting.
  • Rugby league – 3-way match handicap betting, 2-way match handicap betting and alternative handicaps.
  • Rugby union – 3-way match handicap betting, 2-way match handicap betting, 3-way first-half handicap betting and alternative handicaps.
  • Tennis – game handicap betting.

As for sports with handicap options that are a bit further afield, it is slim pickings on Betfred. In fact, compared to their competitors Betfred have a very limited coverage in general of US sports such as American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey and the same goes for the likes of Aussie rules and handball – all sports which tend to have handicap betting options on other betting sites.

One thing that Betfred do offer in the absence of a really comprehensive handicap betting spread is there virtual sports page. Here you can make handicap and Asian handicap bets on simulated sporting events such as football. However, given the fact that the Asian handicap system relies on an understanding of each individual teams’ form, this virtual system naturally lacks the same appeal as actual real-life Asian handicap betting.

Market depth

Again, when it comes to the depth of each handicap market, Betfred fall short in comparison with the other big name bookmakers. While you will find a selection of alternative handicaps on the most popular sports, they do not offer anyway near the same variety as other online betting sites. This means that you will generally be presented with a handicap option which gives you odds that are as close to evens as possible and then a few alternatives with longer and shorter odds.

So if you are looking for a selection of handicap bets that isn’t going to take you all day to sort through, perhaps Betfred’s limited spread is for you!


Due to the general lack of variety and depth of Betfred’s handicap and Asian handicap markets, there are not really any ground-breaking positives to bring to attention. What a bettor can expect from Betfred however is a good quality online betting service with the bread and butter of handicap betting options. So, if you are simply after a quick and easy handicap punt on the footy or rugby, you won’t be disappointed with Betfred.


If you are after a handicap or Asian handicap that really excites your betting senses, then you are likely to be let down by what Betfred has to offer. The online bookmaker is seriously let down by a lack of Asian handicap betting options in the football markets and an often lacklustre spread of handicap options in other popular sports. Also, if you are interested in making a handicap bet on those sports which are a bit out of the ordinary, then Betfred is not the online bookmaker for you.

Moreover, the lack of truly extensive alternative handicap betting options means that you will be hard pressed to find odds that are more interesting than the standard match betting options.


All things considered, Betfred are not the best online bookmaker if you want to find a truly comprehensive spread of handicap and Asian handicap betting options.

That said, if you are happy to settle for the ordinary handicap bet on the football or a quick game handicap bet on the tennis, then Betfred will give you exactly what you need. Sadly, the bookmaker doesn’t venture much further into the extraordinary world of handicaps and Asian handicaps than that.